September 19th, 2005



We've seen Mumik in Gesher,
nice story about Wandering Jew (ahasver or вечный жид )
it's not clear untill very last moment
I liked the point the play touches this subject gently

reading chess books

I found it amusing to read chess books before going to sleep; They have pictures with postions ( illustrated books are rare today) and it's relatively easy to follow 5-10 movies; the ganes are full of action which is never the same;

Chess books never have any of moralisti propaganda as opposite to movies; some girls like moralistic movies; I like some girls; so we come up with frustrated triangle (the termin is from the spin-glass theory but probably was borrowed)

updated list of friends

since Petia was alone in my friend's list and he was upset;
I cannot believe what I've discovered; assuming that JJ is one big junk, still very different

Now I should distinguish three types of poetry:
1. you recognize yourself immediately; the liric hero is your precise portret
2. she is writing about someone else; feelings and the motion is not about you; she is in love and you are jealous of her; you start asking all kind of questions; you would better take her to ski
3. you recognize the story but the hero is substituted; everything is about you; but you missed in her feelings; red brick wall